Friday, 12 November 2010

Loving Denim

Hi everyone,
If you were to see one of my post awhile bk, I had mentioned that I wanted to take up the challenge against over-consumerism and trying to reduce my carbon footprint, thus the inspiration of the material usage in this set.

It's now close to winter, and what better way to warm up in denim. Denim, our staple throughout all seasons will now function as a tunic over a long sleeved tee to help keep the gals tidy as they finish their late autumn farm chores.

All tees will have a vinyl print of every girls' favorite animal : )

There are 4 variations of this dress set.

Materials used are up-cycled cotton and denim.

*pls take note of the little denim rip in set2, I kept it as part of the design for a more rugged look but do understand not everyone might like it.

Loving Denim

Loving Denim

the tees with vinyl prints
*Close up of the 'worn' out feel, pls take note that the vinyl prints were intentionally heated a bit more at the edge to make it appear 'worn'
Loving Denim

Each dress set is priced at 36usd each.(Only set 3 left)

International Shipping is 3usd

Pls contact me at

more pix can be viewed at

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