Wednesday, 8 December 2010

She needs a name : (

Am terrible because:

1. She proberly can't hear now because she was the first SBL I tried taking apart and totally injured her.

2. Her lips were terribly carved as I did not have the proper tools (I was based overseas and was desperate to custom a doll, with or without the right tools)

3. I never set her fringe properly

4. Her makeup looks terrible!!!!


I'm trying to make amends. This is also my break month thus I've been going through my older gals, touching them up and giving them make-overs! Hopefully I've learnt a little some thing from Project runway and watching numerous episodes of Tim Gunn's guide to style!

ps. do feel free to leave name suggestions.

Here's a little picture story of her:

her before:
Little Miss Samedi - before

her hearing issues :(

Little Miss Samedi - before

Little Miss Samedi - before

her little road to recovery:
Work in progress

Work in progress

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