Friday, 27 July 2012

Mushrooms! *non magical ones ;p

This is all Jamie Oliver's as well as all the other cookery shows being aired on telly. You know, the type of cookery shows where the chefs just effortlessly harvest a couple of herbs, vegs etc and dump them in a pan and magically produce food?

Its kinda long shot to achieve the above as I live in a little flat in tropical Singapore. But guess what?! I can now do that now with the 4 oyster mushroom logs I've purchased! Thank goodness for mushrooms being an easy food to mix and match. We've prepared them with stews, bbq, stir-fries and more.

Sure it proberly costs less to just buy them from the supermarkets and takes more effort to grow them, but the taste of freshly harvested shrrooooms just makes such a difference in the dishes. (after harvesting they can be kept for up to a week in a zip-loc bag)

Here's a couple of pixs of their growth stages.

Little mushroom sprout

3rd day from the appearance of mushroom spouts

Lovely plump Oyster mushrooms ready for harvest
Lovely plump Oyster mushrooms ready for harvest
PS: Oyster mushrooms are known to have higher nutrient levels, reducing hyper-acidity and cholesterol and blood pressure.
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