Wednesday, 17 October 2012

10 years?

I can't even keep tabs of how many years it has been but it's been more than just collecting plastic dolls and making clothes for plastic.
It's about building friendships with fellow collectors turn friends. Supporting fellow collectors turn entrepreneurs. Following the journeys of fellow collectors become mummies. Loads of happy and sad experiences.

For me, collecting these little dolls kept me sane when I was out stationed with no friends in a foreign land. In a land where the great firewall was so tall I almost could not climb over it. (until I found a proxy server :p) This seemly weird hobby took my mine off heartaches and work frustrations. Hack! it even took me to a remote part of Beijing just to buy fabric to sew for them.

And even when I took a detour from the little dolls, tried packing them aside as I move on to another chapter in my life. I've returned bk to them. My partner can't picture my life without them.

The last 2 weeks has been a bit of a dolly rekindling process. It wasn't hard but it's always nice to have some friendly dolly nudge :)

Here's a pix of a little outing last week to mark a decade of dolly loving.

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