Sunday, 24 February 2013

Little Bored Gal

I've a little target this year of dressing up with clothes I sewed and taking photos of as many of my out of box gals as I can.

Here's the first gal, I think her name is Perrin. She was my first Blythe some 10 years or so ago.

On her is a dress set I had drafted approximately 5 years ago!!!! It's been a rather nostalgic start to this project so far as I unearthed many old memories and designs.

Here's Perrin, a little upset due to the gloomy weather in Singapore.
She was all dressed up for a walk outdoors which never happened. But hey! having a cuppa cocoa & a really cute cupcake can be just as uplifting aye? I did not have the hear to let her know she's a tad too warmly dressed for Singapore.


shoes all kicked off...
Tea at home

Cocoa & a cupcake

little cocoa moustache :)
Cocoa moustache