Sunday, 26 October 2014

I have come to notice that in recent times, dolly fashion have evolved to become more complicated in terms of design and really miss the time when dolly dress were of simple lines (some 10 years ago @@) So I decided to try out a simple looking a-line mini dress with adorable puff sleeves. I think I am addicted to puff sleeves now!

These 2 little dress sets come paired with autumn coloured tights... I luv dolly tights! And a little neck warmer with little crochet lace details.

Dresses have been fray checked and have metal button clasps.

Each dress set is priced at 38 usd each

International Shipping is 3.50usd ( I ship from Singapore, registered mail)
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Alice dress - Autumn

Alice Autumn Dress - Orange flowers

Alice dress - orange flowers

Alice Autumn Dress - Purple flowers

Alice dress - purple flowers

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