Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Factory blythes... prototype blythes has been the buzz these last 2 months in our little Blythe world. I had to be part of it and got A.Strange.R to join my little dolly family.

When I first saw her picture I thought she looked wierd and was pleasently surprised that she turned out to be a FBL but with translucent 'skin'.

For the sake of understanding her better, I HAD to take her apart...very gently of course. I was shocked to see the state of her rooting... but also amused because woaaaaahhhhh.... now I know how prototypes are created. Yes... I pretty much believe she is a prototype rather than a mix and match of remenant parts. Why? Well, I think the pictures will pretty much speak for themselves. Do take close looks at the markings in her scalp and rooting method.

I've tried my very best NOT to custom her except for filling in gaps in her scalp, gave her a parting and bangs so that I can fall inlove with her. She's still a work in progress, only to set her hair and trim her bangs further.

I'll try to do a proper introduction of her as soon as she is complete.



Trying to give her a parting.

Before. HUGE plugs and strange markings

Strange but effective way of rooting.

More photos can be seen on my flickr

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