Friday, 7 May 2010

a.strange.r no.2 : Leslie

a.strange.r no.2 : Leslie, originally uploaded by frigginfuchsia.

Yes.. it's another one of them factory girls. I can't help myself, her yummy hair was calling out to me. I've regretted not getting a little ice-rune a few months back and when I saw Leslie's auction photos, i just knew she had to come home with me.

Her scalp is of an Ice-rune's, nicely thatched unlike Mochi's (the pink fbl factory girl) but with out bangs, am contemplating if i'll be giving her bangs.

Her face-plate is of a blushless Mango's and I think I'll be touching up her make up quite a bit.

Lesile came with another check back for her introduction...hopefully soon.

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