Monday, 17 May 2010, originally uploaded by frigginfuchsia.

Oh Yes.... more of them... It's just so hard to stop getting the factory gals. Am so so inlove with the pink haired WIPSY banged gal... sighhhhh.....

Both of the girls are nostalgic pop's face plate, miss pink haired stranger has regular eye chips and the green haired gal has a wine-grape eye chips.

Now! all they need will be blush :D


Michele Brooks said...

They're both adorable! Congrats!

Dollybird said...

That pink haired girl is stunning! I swear, if there's a scalp that translucent plates don't look beautiful with I haven't seen it. You must be so pleased with them!

angelique said...

Hi I have just stumbled across your nice blog.I hope you don't mind but I have put an image up of yours on my blog. A bit cheeky I know but you can check that I have given all info from where it has come from and not said it is mine. If you have a problem with this just let me know and I will remove the image immediately. Youe dollies and images are great!

frigginfuchsia said...

Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for dropping by! I have to apologise for my very late reply due to work and being lost in time.

Michele: Thank you, unfortunately, I've not been able to spend any time with them yet! And yes it's been apporx 2.5 mths since!!! : (

Dollybird: thank you for linking me! and yes, it's so so hard to say no to trans. plates!!!

Angelique: Hi! thanks for using my img & crediting. I've yet to have a chance to go through yr blog to find out which img. u've used, BUT I will do that as soon as I clear of some work. I can't wait to visit your blog :D