Thursday, 9 September 2010

Proj1: Wristlet

For over 2 years, I’ve never stopped flipping through my favorite Japanese interior and craft books. Inspired by them, I decided to give my tiny apartment a facelift before I over-flipped the pages to death. But alas, I was faced with an amount of items that made this task impossible. You have noticed why every interior-styled pix look great in books is actually due to a lack of clutter yar? From the above attempt of decluttering, I’ve come to realise I was part of negative consumerism. I’ve toooooo much of everything. 3 huge boxes of fabric (I’ve no idea what possessed me), 5 tool boxes of craft tools, 3 boxes of doll customising items (and approx 35 and above blythes) .... just to give you an idea.

It hit me that I had to do something about this. To help my already spent money and the ailing earth as well as to heal my guilt on consumerism.

A friend suggested that I should take part in
It was a pretty great idea given that I’d have one less clothe to wash, but given the humidity of our climate, I think I’d proberly end up air-polluting tiny Singapore.

My problem. OVER consumerism ( I do not see this as contributing to the economy as much as am OVER-using the earth’s resources)
My solution. Re-use, Reduce, Recycle & UP-cycle.

With the above thoughts, I’ve came to realise that I finally have an aim and topic to blog (after 4 years). Yes it'll still have dolly content!!!!!

I’ll be taking up a challenge inspired by OVER consumerism to by contributing ideas to this blog with solutions created from material/items already purchased over the years to help this little ailing planet we all live in.

I am not perfect but I will try to do my little bit each little day.

My first little project was to replace my 2 year old wristlet.

Below are pixs of my solution created from diving into my at least 10kg of fabric. I found some lovely Polka-dot linen, brown zipper which I bought 4 years ago!!! and some remnant khaki fabric from a styling job.

Am now proud to say Biona/Frigginfuchsia 1 Consumerism 0

Proj1: Wristlet

Proj1: Wristlet

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