Thursday, 10 March 2011

Kindi Dresses

It's been a few weeks of TRYING to finish these dresses! It wasn't getting the inspiration to sew of playing with the details but rather getting the time to finish them due to positive issues such as looking for a new home, a couple of incoming styling jobs(I'm a commercial food stylist) & a wonderful vacation I just had.

Anyway, here they are. Thank you to those who had been asking me about them. Am very grateful for your patience :)

A little background now. It had been a while since I had garnered the inspiration to sew or to fabric shop. All it took was for me to get lost in thoughts and Chinatown and fall in love with this fabric which in turn triggered my urge to create these 3 dresses. The prints are of the old skool illustration style... too adorable for me to pen dwn in words :)

There are 3 variations of this dress set.

Materials used are Japanese cotton & old school polyester pleated lace

Kindi. Dresses

Kindi Dress ~ Boy
Kindi. Dress ~ Boy

Kindi Dress ~ Bunny ( reserved )
Kindi. Dress ~ Bunny

Kindi Dress ~ Girl ( reserved )
Kindi. Dress ~ Girl

Each dress set comes with stripped socks and is priced at 32usd each.

International Shipping is 3usd

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