Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Letting go :(

I've never in my wildest dreams thought I'd let my most kenner baby go after I got her.
She was my dream for a very long time, a wispy bang Brunette. We've kinda failed to bond despite all her perfections - all my other kenners were either just heads... missing a leg...overly yellowed or something!

Bethlyn as I've named her came to me from another Blythe lover in the US. I've had her since Dec 07 but hardly spent any time with her.

About her
+Hair+ soft! & no frizz! - what sorta kenner is she!!!!???, I think her hair had a slight trim, but not by me.

+Eyes+ looks good to me! a slightly cloudy green chip but not noticable

+Pull mech.+ NOT working. I've NEVER OPENED her up to check why. I just change the colours of her eyes by rolling them with my fingers.

+Face+ Appears to have little tiny spots of aging - she is afterall 39 years old. I've tried to capture them in the pixs I've taken.

+Body+ sexy! okie seriously.... she has an extra butt crack as shown in the photos. Otherwise, body is clean and working

+"Skin"+ pinky

In conclusion, I think she is in rather wonderful condition. She's NOT from a smoking home. I've not opened her up nor restored her as I try to keep my Kenners in the condition they come in except for my severely yellowed Blonde.

Reason of sale : I've a new home to furnish and I've not spent any time with her!!! :( I really feel bad about that.

Price: erm.. hmmmsss.... tough one... I hope am being fair to all asking not for a million dollars but USD$1250. I believe the approx recorded mail worldwide is USD$35 at most. I will quote the exact postage when her destination has been decided.

Pls... give her a good home and more love than me!

front & bk





More pix

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