Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dear L.... will you lurve her?

Dear L. I've posted her photos her as i thought it's be easy for you to view as well as to share the link with fellow collectors/friends to get their opinions on her... She came without a fringe and parting, I corrected that by giving her bangs and using the hair I had cut off to give her fringe, rerooted it and thatched her a parting. Synthetic mohair feels a little more organic compared to the regular nylon/saran hair used on our regular released dolls. If I did not remember wrgly, I've ever washed her hair with no problem. to groom her hair, I've used a wider tooth comb as her hair is realllllllllllllly thick! Her hair is very secure despite the weird rooting. Her body like most factory gals do not match lol... she's got similar coloured arms, legs and pelvis, but the torso is a little darker. Her finger nails have nail polish on them though it's a little rubbed. (she came like that) I can touch it up for you if you like. her yellow pull ring has little melt marks , I will try to fix that up for you if you like. She came with eyes that did not shut fully when the ring is pulled and she appeared over boggled, thus I adjusted her eye mechanism a little and gave her double pull strings to enable her to have sleepy eyes. if you like I can remove the sleepy eye function. You will be able to see the markings on her scalp by just lifting her hair apart... rather interesting to me and the obviously thick hair plugs will definately stand out to you. Compare her to any standard release and you will definately see ALOT of difference. I've over 8 factory dolls and non of them has the characteristics that she has. My other 8 or so factory gals came with a mix-matches of face plates, bodies & scalps from reg. released dolls. (except my synthetic mohair gals. however their scalps are of smaller plugs and appears to be machine rooted NOT by hand) Other than that her being a FBL 'translucent' & matte with factory make up is kinda unique just based on that. My label on her being a factory prototype might have sparked some queries from others too. I will disclaim that I labelled her that, based on MY observations and how and why she appears very different from the others. I dare say that she is one if not 2 of a kind (since i know she had a twin) *to everyone and anyone reading this besides L, I look forward to hearing from you as I'd luv to learn more about her should she leave or stay on with me, pls feel free to leave our comments! Here's are more photos of the little misfit :) Her make-up
Lips, i do know it's not a typical FBL lip shape
Eye chips1
Eye chips 2
Eye chips 3
Eye chips 4
Back of head
Scalp - her scalp does not sit 100% well, but it won't fall out. I can glue it down with white glue if you like. I won't encourage that though as it does not affect her appearance in anyway and feel that due to her bk ground, it would be nice to keep her close to how she left the factory. (of course the choice is yrs :))
Body -as mentioned her body had no glue on when she arrived. It did not affect her ability to stand etc... i have however applied a little glue on her body when I first recieved her.


Dollybird said...

Gosh! She's lovely! How could she not love her? :)

frigginfuchsia said...

Awwwwww Thank you Dollybird!