Monday, 24 October 2011

Seeking to Adopt & Seeking to let go....

Anyone out there has a Kenner for sale? I will consider Kenners of all condition. A TLC kenner will be prefered due to budget and my lurve for restoring kenners. Also, I've a couple of NRFBs for sale. Pls do not be shy about emailing me offers for them. I just want my space back and would like the $$$ to go to my soon to be Kenner ... tht's if I can find one within my budgets... sigh!!!!!

Simply Guava: USD$120
Simply Mango: USD$120
Simply Peppermint: USD$150
Sinply Lilac: USD$150
Prima Dolly ENCORE-Saffy : USD$170
Punkaholic People: USD$200
Save the Animals: USD$200
Good Neighbour Cafe: USD$220
Nostalgic Pop: USD$240
Piccadilly Encore: USD$240
Tailor Gibson: USD$260
Merry Skier: USD$280

Pls feel free to contact me for more details at

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