Sunday, 26 October 2014

I have come to notice that in recent times, dolly fashion have evolved to become more complicated in terms of design and really miss the time when dolly dress were of simple lines (some 10 years ago @@) So I decided to try out a simple looking a-line mini dress with adorable puff sleeves. I think I am addicted to puff sleeves now!

These 2 little dress sets come paired with autumn coloured tights... I luv dolly tights! And a little neck warmer with little crochet lace details.

Dresses have been fray checked and have metal button clasps.

Each dress set is priced at 38 usd each

International Shipping is 3.50usd ( I ship from Singapore, registered mail)
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Alice dress - Autumn

Alice Autumn Dress - Orange flowers

Alice dress - orange flowers

Alice Autumn Dress - Purple flowers

Alice dress - purple flowers

Monday, 17 February 2014

Food craft - Felt Macarons

For those who know me personally, they would know am a food stylist based in Singapore.
Off work, am an avid crafter who often experiments with different forms of crafts. So when I was approached by Ruth of The Happyshop to teach another class at The Workshop with a food theme, I was just over the moon!!!

Come 29th March 2014, I'll be conducting a little felt macaron workshop at The Workshop.

Details can be found here and I hope to see you there. :)

Friday, 28 June 2013

Terrific Thursday!

Its back to basics with Terrific Thursdays Twelve Dollars Specials!

Each dress is lovingly made both by hand & machine. Edges are either pinked or machine over-locked.
Material used are a mix of Asian & Japanese cotton fabric.

Fits: Blythe doll
Color: Pinks & Blues
Style: Baby Doll Dress
Qty: 1

Etsy Link:

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Animal Patch Work

I recently revisited one of my favourite dress pattern I worked with in 2009, but with a touch of vintage this time.

Each dress comes with a little flower button & tiny buttons and a crochet lace detail at the sleeve.
Material used are Japanese cotton fabric, crochet lace & ribbons

Each dress is priced at 32 usd each

International Shipping is 3usd ( I ship from Singapore, registered mail)Pls contact me at

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Animal patch work

Deer Version
Animal patch work

Bunny version
Animal patch work

More details:

Monday, 8 April 2013

Ballerina Dresses

Presenting Frigginfuchsia’s first and hopefully not the last dress set for 2013.
Inspired by Spring and dancing butterflies.......
Each dress are made from soft jersey material paired with 3 layers of tulle.
Individual dress comes with their own unique velvet print.
Ballerina Dresses

Velvet print on the bodice
Ballerina Dresses

Neon stitch details
Ballerina Dresses

There are 4 variations of this dress set. (rabbit & cat print dresses have been reserved)
Ballerina Dresses

*doll and accessories are NOT included. this listing is for 1 items : the dress.

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Each dress is priced at 25usd
International Shipping is 3usd

To make a purchase either contact me at my email
Pls contact me at

or visit my Etsy at

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Monday, 18 March 2013

Upcycled Bath Towel

Here's a simple upcycling project I've recently completed.
A simple old bath towel being snipped up, over-locked at the edges, followed by simple home-stamped labels (I prefer the clean-up towels at home to have designated uses and labels help us keep to that).

This project took no more than 2 hrs, am a tad slow in sewing.

So here's my little contribution to saving our earth :)
Upcycled Bath Towel

Upcycled Bath Towel

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Little Bored Gal

I've a little target this year of dressing up with clothes I sewed and taking photos of as many of my out of box gals as I can.

Here's the first gal, I think her name is Perrin. She was my first Blythe some 10 years or so ago.

On her is a dress set I had drafted approximately 5 years ago!!!! It's been a rather nostalgic start to this project so far as I unearthed many old memories and designs.

Here's Perrin, a little upset due to the gloomy weather in Singapore.
She was all dressed up for a walk outdoors which never happened. But hey! having a cuppa cocoa & a really cute cupcake can be just as uplifting aye? I did not have the hear to let her know she's a tad too warmly dressed for Singapore.


shoes all kicked off...
Tea at home

Cocoa & a cupcake

little cocoa moustache :)
Cocoa moustache