Saturday, 11 September 2010

Plastic Surgery

I’ve had an ammmmazing day today! I’ve finally continued my custom on a Blythe clone I had recieved almost a year ago. The motivation? My motivation to beat consumerism lol!
I’ve been feeling too disgusted with myself over-purchasing stuff for the sake of ownership and then chucking them aside.

The work I’ve done on her are, enlarging of eye sockets, craving super poooofffyy-puffy-botox lips for her and giving her a new face lift. If only I could perform such plastic surgery on myself as easily!

It’s also my 1st time using the new air-brush my husband and I purchased together to pursue our hobby in model building and Blythe. 

Yeah : ( Consumerism 1 Frigginfuchsia 1, we’re on a tie now till this project is completed.

Clone in progress

Slightly before:
Clone in progress

WAY before:
NOT blythe

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